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Articles for Research: Databases

Explains how to use and cite articles for research and how to use EBSCOhost.

Database Login

Use your student ID# and 4X4 to log into an Allen Database.

Using Articles for Research

Your instructor may have asked you to use periodicals for referencing your research paper. If so, EBSCOhost is a great resource in which to do that. On EBSCOhost you'll find peer reviewed scholarly journals perferct for academic research. To find articles go to EBSCOhost advanced search.

 How to search on EBSCOhost: A quick quide

1. You may choose different databases, or use Academic Search Premier, which has a large amount of resources.

2. Put a search term in the first box. Select a Field such as 'All Text' to bring in words from the whole article. Other words can be added to the 2nd and 3rd boxes, and even more. Sometimes less is better, so see what comes up. Remember spelling counts, it will look for what you type in.

3. Suggested limiters are always ‘full text.’ You may also include scholarly journals or publication date ranges, or others as needed. Then click on Search.

4. Hover over the text with the magnifying glass for a summary of the article. PDF articles are complete as seen in the article, HTML articles are usually words only. Click on the article title to view choices to print, email, save, etc. Clicking on PDF or HTML will take you into the article itself.

5. Setting up a free account with EBSCO will allow you to manage artciles by saving them in a folder and other options.

6. You may cite the articles by clicking on Cite in the right hand bar. You then may copy/paste the information into your works-cited page. Always check with your instructor as to which format you are to use.


Instructions for EBSCOhost

EBSCOhost is a database with academic journal articles. It may be searched by topic or by publication.


When searching by topic select limiters such as using the field "TX All Text" - Full Text - Scholarly Journals -- etc.

When searching by Publication, select Publication in the upper blue bar. You may then search for journals or magazines by Title alphabetically, or by Subject - and search within a publication.

There is a very large help area within EBSCOhost, both in written form as well as 4-5 minute tutorials that will guide you through the features of EBSCOhost.

There are topics that cover, Language Translation, eBooks and Audiobooks, Searching, Browsing, Viewing Results, Personalization, Using Folders, Saving Searches & Alerts, Print/E-mail/Save, Citation, and others.

Go to EBSCOhost database link below and click on the 'Help' button on the upper right of the search page. EBSCOhost Help

You can also click on the 'New Features' button to learn about eBooks and Audiobooks.

How to Search on Ebsco