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Information for Online Students or those taking online classes.

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Where Do I Begin?

Online Learning Resources

Where Do I Begin?

Deciding to take an Online Class is often made when a prospective student wants to start or finish a degree, but doesn’t have time to go to a campus and sit in conventional onsite classrooms.

Allen Community College has made it available for students to get an Associate’s Degree completely online.

1.      You have enrolled, have an ID #

2.      Review the Online Learning Brochure which is found on the Allen Website under Online Learning.

3.      Go to Blackboard  to take an access your class with Allen. One month before classes begin, students may take the free mini course, but the classes will open the morning of the first day of class.              

 4.      Before logging in, scroll down below the Password area to see the Operating System requirements for using Blackboard. Determine which browser fits your computer best.

5.      You will be asked to log in. The ID number is your Allen Student ID#  Your password is the first 4 letters [lowercase] of your last name and the last 4 digits of your Social Security #.

6.      The first thing to do when you log in is to begin to take the Online Student Orientation. This is a class designed to equip the Online Learner to navigate the classes and be familiar with the Blackboard format. While not mandatory, it is full of valuable information! 

7.       Students at Allen have a portal which contains academic information and student email for most all communication. it is located within myAllen.

8.      Extra Help throughout the semester can be found within  the Online Student Guide

9.     Congratulations! You are now on your way to being a successful Online Learner!




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Welcome To Your Online Learning Guide

welcome Online Learning students !

We have created a guide specifically for you.

in this guide you will find resources that will help you in your course work.

Use this Guide along with other Guides are are Course Specific

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