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Red Devil Pantry

Information regarding the Red Devil student pantry


The Red Devil Pantry is open to all Allen students who are currently enrolled in at least one class.
Requests may be made at any time and will be filled and ready to be picked up in the library on the following business day after 3:30 pm. 
Items are disbursed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Steps to place a pantry order:
  • Look at the list of items available from the pantry.
  • Enter items in the corresponding section of the form. 
  • You may request up to 10 food items, 2 paper goods/personal hygiene items, and 2 cleaning items per week. If your order is placed after noon (12:00 pm) on Friday it will count as being ordered the following week. 
  • Some pantry items will have limited quantities available because of demand. As an example: Toilet paper, rice, and pasta are always in demand so you will not get more than one package per order. Protein items are limited to 3 per order. (Frozen items are also protein.) 
  • If the pantry is out of a requested item the order will be filled without that item. 
  • Students may request 1 towel and washcloth set per semester. 
If you have any questions about how to fill out the order form please contact me or come into the library and I will show you how to place the order. 

Virginia Shaffer


Available Pantry Items







Misc. foods

Paper goods 

personal items

Household/Cleaning Items

Hot dogs




salt & pepper

toilet paper

Laundry soap
canned tuna

pasta sauce

ramen noodles 

Assorted Oatmeal packs

refried beans

Feminine hygiene products (pads or tampons)

spray cleaner

Peanut butter  

Green beans

Bags of rice

shelf-stable milk (must be refrigerated after opening

fresh apples

Men's or women’s deodorant


Canned soup 


Macaroni and cheese cups

fruit and grain cereal bars

fresh oranges



Canned chunk chicken breast


boxed Mac  and cheese

granola bars


Shampoo / conditioner

dish soap

Hormel Completes (ready-to-eat microwave meals--assorted)

Black beans

Rice meals-(various)


Hand soap

toilet bowl cleaner


Instant mashed potatoes (pouch) pasta meals (various) Pancake Mix  



canned pasta Fresh potatoes (1 pound) bread syrup   ponytail holders

Can opener

Vienna sausages(original or chicken) fresh carrots     body wash  

Ground beef 

Onions   chapstick  
Frozen foods-protein bell peppers Snacks   bar soap  
macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets (small frozen dinner) Fruits Cracker packages fingernail clippers

(ONLY 1 per Semester) Towel & washcloth

Pot pie (small pie with meat and veggies)  raisins trail mix

Ibuprofen or tylenol

Frozen Dinners (assorted) Strawberry or grape jelly   microwave popcorn   kleenex  
  cans of fruit (assorted)   pudding cups   band-aids  
      Saltine crackers